Where is the Gear icon in QuickBooks?

Gear icon in QuickBooks

The Gear icon is a prevalent icon that represents the putting menu in QuickBooks. It is used to get admission to a infinite wide variety of features inside the software. Besides, it allows you to address special obligations like coping with chart of accounts, reviewing the recurring transactions, changing corporation files, and putting in place offerings or products. With this explanation, hope you have understood what’s the equipment icon in QuickBooks. Now, let’s discover where is the gear icon in QuickBooks?

After knowing the location of gear icon in QB, you can maximize its usage according to your business’ needs.

Where is the Gear Icon in QuickBooks?

You will see the gear icon on the top right-side of the business enterprise name. The icon is also referred to as the ‘wheel’. QuickBooks Online software has streamlined the interface by offering two icons i.E. “+” and “equipment”. You will see the tools icon on the top proper facet of the Quick Books homepage among the create (+) menu, and the help (?) button.

The tools icon contains of the settings, tools, lists, and your organization. You can use the icon to get entry to the functions in QuickBooks account:


Settings choice in QuickBooks will assist you to set up the corporation information, fields or templates used within the transactions.


With the assist of the listing option, you may see the ordinary transactions, merchandise and services listing, etc.


It allows QuickBooks customers to reconcile with the bank and set up a budget. Also, the tool option offers you the capability to import lists, like the item list or the chart of accounts.


The unique phase will assist you to manipulate the users in addition to QuickBooks Online account.

Sometimes, QuickBooks users stumble upon the ‘gear icon disappearing problem’. Let’s discover how the tools icon disappearing issue takes location and then move to the troubleshooting steps.

Gear Icon Disappearing Issue:

Generally, the equipment icon disappears when some changes take area in the capabilities of QuickBooks Online. To troubleshoot the issue, you need to press the F5 key to refresh the page. If it doesn’t work, then you could observe those steps.

Steps to Troubleshoot Gear Icon Disappearing Issue:

These steps will help you to fix the equipment icon disappearing trouble in QuickBooks. You can comply with these commands to get again the icon:

  1. Initially, you need to open the QuickBooks account by using an incognito window or non-public browser.
  2. After that, check if the Gear icon is visible to you. If it’s miles available, then open your browser and clear the cache. This will help you to restoration the browser-associated issues, like missing buttons or errors.
  3. At last, visit the supported browsers to test if the error were given fixed.


Hopefully, with the help of the blog you’ve got were given an idea of what is gear icon. Secondly, the blog has helped you in understanding where is the gear icon in QuickBooks. Also, we’ve got discussed approximately the equipment icon disappearing problem and the stairs to restore it.

If you still have queries related to where is the gear icon in QuickBooks, then dial Toll-free  or live Chat with our QuickBooks technical support team.

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