Sage 300 ERP Error 49153

How to Troubleshoot Sage 300 ERP Error 49153?

Sage 300 ERP is accounting software, which is specially designed for mid-sized and small businesses. It provides cost efficiency, customization, and highly versatile resource planning solution for accounting, finance, operation and for CRM also. Around the world, multiple companies are using Sage ERP to manage many types of businesses.  Simple to use, cost effective and quick implementation, Sage 300 ERP offers the best solutions for your business.In this article, we are explaining how to troubleshoot Sage 300 ERP error 49153.

What is Sage 300 ERP Error 49153?

While the user is trying to log in to their Sage 300 application, this 49153 error might come up on their system. Mostly the user gets this error while opening the application.

What are the causes of Sage 300 ERP Error 49153?

Sage 300 ERP Error 49153 arises when the application declines to connect to the database. The error occurs while it tries to connect to the database. There are multiple causes for the error.

  • SQL association with the database is down i.e. administrations aren’t running or the server is down.
  • Your ODBC DSN is invalid on the server or workstation.
  • The server has a firewall running that is blocking the database ports
  • Form of the SQL customer.
  • The DNS is settling the server name to the wrong IP address.
  • The customer is indicating the wrong server name.

Steps for fix Sage 300 ERP Error 49153?

To fix the error below, we are providing some solutions for Sage 300 ERP Error 49153.

Solution: 1 

Step 1: Select Start button and choose All Programs. As per your version go to Sage. Choose Database Setup and fill your password with user id. Click OK and the user will see profiles of all your Sage 300 applications. For the profile properties, double select on it.

Step 2 : In the Start Menu, select Run, and write ‘cmd’ and select Enter. Command Box will come. Write ‘ping databaservername’ and hold the Enter Key. If the user gets ‘Ping request could not find host sql2016. Please check the name and try again’ and now you need to restart it.

Step 3 : If the same error persists, check the SQL server service on the database server. The user will see the error, ‘Ping using the name’

Step 4 : Select the Start button and write ‘services.msc’ and hold Enter Button. Services management will come on window and write ‘Automatic’. Right click on SQL Service and restart device. Select the Start or Restart from the drop down menu.

Solution : 2 

Select the Start button and open Run. Write Services. msc and select OK. Right selects on the Name and chooses Start. After processing, now again try logging into your Sage 300 application.

There are many multiple reasons when the user faces the same error while using the software. In such circumstances, you need to connect with our sage customer support team +1-800-910-4754. We offer different Channels to connect with us.

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We have highly professional experts for the support. You can call us on our toll free Sage support number +184-4871-6291 and get instant solutions for Sage 300 ERP Error 49153. We are here for you 24*7 to assist you with your queries and concerns.

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