Sage error 2755

How to Fix Sage Error 2755? Complete Guide-

Sage is considered as one of the best accounting software when the question is about managing accounting or financial tasks. Whether you are a small or medium-sized business owner, it surely fulfills your all needs. However, sometimes it comes with the error message as Sage error 2755 server returned unexpected error while attempting to install package.

Sage error 2755 error comes when you are trying to install anything using Windows Installer and Server has returned with an unexpected error while doing the installation. It might happen because of multiple installation files and many other reasons.

Reasons for Sage Error 2755:

This error comes due to many reasons such as multiple installation files, any malware or virus attack which prohibits you to install any software on your computer. Some of the common causes are given below.

  • Installation folder and Windows directory and not interconnected.
  • Setup of the file is encrypted.
  • Files are infected through virus or malware.
  • System User is not added in the installer.

Methods to Fix the Sage Error 2755 Server Returned Unexpected Error While Attempting to Install Package:

Sage error 2755 can be resolved using several solutions, but every method handle the situation as per their aspect. Hence, below are some common methods given which works to remove Sage error 2755.

Method 1 – Adding the installer folder to the Windows directory:

  • First of all, open My Computer / This PC.
  • Now go to C drive.
  • Open the Windows folder available inside.
  • Perform a right click >>> Select New >>> Select Folder option from the given option list.
  • Mention the name Installer to the newly created folder and save it.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Try to install the  Sage 50 software again and check if the problem still persists or not.

Method 2 – Verify if the setup file is encrypted or not:

If the setup of the installation file is encrypted then you might face this error. You can follow the below points and check if it is encrypted or not.

  • Go to the setup file
  • Right-click on set up file and select Properties
  • Click Advanced button available in attributes header
  • Locate the Encrypt content to secure data option available under the “Compress or Encrypt Attributes” and unchecked the same.
  • Click OK
  • Try to reinstall the software

Method 3 – Steps to add new SYSTEM user in the installer:

  • Right-click on the installer file
  • Select Properties option
  • Go to security >>>> Select Edit option
  • Locate the Group or User Name and click Add
  • Mention the name SYSTEM( should be in Capital)
  • Click OK.

Make sure to Set permission ALLOW for the SYSTEM user, click OK and close the box. Now, try again to install the software.

Get In Touch:

Following the above methods will definitely help you for Fix Sage error 2755 server returned unexpected error while attempting to install package. For any concerns or issues dial +1-844 -871-6289 and get in touch with the dedicated Sage team. Sage Helpline is available round the clock to help you out with any concerns related to Sage. If you don’t want to call no worries, you can also do a Sage live chat with Sage advisors anytime to get an immediate response or fill the contact form  available on our website, so that one of the Sage technician get back to you with relevant details.

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