Sage Error”The file format and extension of “Sage.BI.Excelfunctions1.1all”?

Sage 50 is widely used accounting software with versatile components and a tendency of reliable accounting solutions.  We know that error is uncertain; Sometimes, users might encounter several errors while operating Sage. In this article, we will learn how to fix Sage Error“The file format and extension of Sage.BI.Excelfunctions1.1all don’t match. Read the complete article if you don’t want to miss a single solution mentioned in it.

When did this error name file format of  Sage.BI.Excelfunctions1.1all don’t match error is happening?

  • When installing Sage 50 intelligent reporting Workstation and attempting to launch the excel, this error message appears.
  • When trying to operate SI on the laptop with MS office 2014 Pro 32 bit.
  • Wrong installation or disable of Intelligent report designer Add-in.

How to Fix Sage Error”The file format and extension of “Sage.BI.Excelfunctions1.1all” don’t match:

Solution – Verify Sage Intelligent report designer Addin:

When users execute the report manager and try to perform modification in a layout, the message will popup on the screen. The message is The Sage Intelligent report designer Addin is unable to respond. It is due to the improper installation of the SI report, Add-in.

Follow the below steps if you want to check the ability of this admin:

  • Locate Excel Options.
  • Click on Add-ins.

The Report Designer Add-Inn must appear below the Active Add-Ins. If not, then follow the below solutions:

Resolution 1- Run AlchemexPolicy.exe:

  • Locate C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BI Generator OR C:\Program Files\Common Files\BI Generator on 32 bit systems.
  • Check whether you log in as an administrator mode.
  • Execute the AlchemexPolicy.exe.

Resolution 2: Register Alchemex App:

  • Login as an Administrator mode.
  • Press Windows+R to display Run prompt.
  • Write CMD on the search field and then press the Enter key.
  • It will open the Command Prompt on your system Screen.
  • Write cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\BI Generator OR C:\Program Files\Common Files\BI Generator on 32-bit machines.
  • Now you have to insert the following command line AlchemexPolicy.exe “EXCEL and then hit the Enter button. It will register the Alchemex application.

Resolution 3: Repair the installation:

  • When you tried the above mentions solution, and still error persist, then go to the Control panel.
  • Discover Programs and then Click on Programs and Features.
  • You have to repair entire office versions which were installed on the system.
  • Launch and then configure all excel versions.
  • Close all office applications.
  • Make sure that no ghost processes are appearing in the Task Manager. To do this, follow the given instructions:
  • Discover and choose the Sage Intelligence Reporting application appearing in the list of applications.
  • Hit on Uninstall/Change.
  • Once done, now repair the software installation.


That’s all about troubleshooting guidance to Fix Sage Error”The file format and extension of Sage.BI.Excelfunctions1.1all don’t match. Hopefully, the above information rectifies this error. If you are still unable to fix it, you have to modify the Windows Registry, which might create errors. It is recommended never to forget to take a  backup before proceeding with changing the Windows Registry. However, it is a tricky work; it requires expertise with computer knowledge to do this. In that case just call our Sage 50 technical support team at for the instant support. You can also connect with us through Sage 50 live chat online support team 24×7.

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