Sage 50 2020 Product Comparison?

Sage 2020 product comparison

With the launch of 2020 edition SAGE, INC promised to speed up the process of accounting & bookkeeping and enhanced the version with some upgrade of data limit into some fields.Sage 50 products are designed to maximize efficiency and profitability in your business.  Sage 50 Premium is a robust accounting system with many features to help you run a successful business.  Sage 50 Quantum, the top of the Sage 50 line, includes powerful, exclusive features not found in other Sage 50 products.In this article,we are explaining Sage 50 2020 product comparison.

Product Information:

Sage 50 2020:

U.S.A/Canadian Edition.




  • What are the differences between each version of Sage 50?
  • What do I get or will I be missing with other versions of Sage 50?
  • What features are available in other versions of Sage 50?
  • How do I compare Sage 50?

Sage 50 2020 Edition product comparison and feature availability chart:

                            Sage 2020 Features


Sage 50 Pro* 
Sage 50   Premium*
Sage 50
Check Writing, Bill Payment, PurchasesYesYesYes
Sales Quotes, Invoices, PaymentsYesYesYes
Cash Flow ManagementYesYesYes
Convenient Bank Reconciliation1YesYesYes
Credit Card Processing2YesYesYes
Customization Reports80+125+140+
Free Conversion from QuickBooks and Quicken3YesYesYes
Email Alerts, Forms, Reports, and Financial Statements4YesYesYes
Integration with Microsoft Excel and Word5YesYesYes
Internal Accounting Review6YesYesYes
Inventory:  Assemblies, four costing methods, back ordersYesYesYes
User Security and ControlsBasicAdvancedAdvanced
Payroll Solutions7YesYesYes
Sage 50 Intelligence ReportingYesYesYes
Fixed Assets TrackingYesYes
Audit TrailYesYes
Job Costing – Phase and Cost LevelYesYes
Open Multiple Companies8YesYes
Advanced BudgetingYesYes
Archive Company DataYesYes
Change Order ProcessingYesYes
Company Consolidation WizardYesYes
Departmentalized Financial StatementsYesYes
Serialized InventoryYesYes
Developed to Handle Large Data Requirements9Yes
Faster Processing with Smart Posting TechnologyYes
Interactive Job ReportingYes
Personalized My DashboardYes
Order Process WorkflowYes
Workflow AutomationYes
Role-based SecurityYes
Support for 1-10, 15, 20, 30 or 40 licensed, named users10Yes
Industry-Specific Functionality:  Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, NonprofitYes

Our Assistance:

In case, you still have any query regarding Sage 50 2020 accounting software.Then you must connect with our certified Sage support team at +1-800-910-4754.They will clear your query and also guide you which version of Sage 50 is best for your business.Our Sage 50 support team will also help in installing the software on your work station in minimum amount of time.You can reach us at any hour of the day 24×7.

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