How to Fix Sage 50 Mapi Error?

Sage 50 Mapi Error

Sage 50 is an first rate accounting software which helps inside the streamlining of a wide variety of bookkeeping associated tasks legitimately. There might be occasions in which the Sage 50 customers may encounter errors occasionally. There are resolutions with which one can experience a consistent experience while making use of the software for any of the initiatives. In this article, we are explaining how to fix Sage 50 Mapi error in easy steps.

The Email MAPI mistakes is a commonplace Sage 50 Error. In this errors, user ought to restore the infected or corrupted record and report in the right way. This message appears while the client is trying to send any message.

Description of Errors:

When a user tries to send an invoice thru email, they get the error code stated below:

Email MAPI error: The error appeared while sending a message. Return Code 26

Causes of Error:

  • Numerous variants of Outlook is installed.
  • The outlook is about to “Run as Administrator” and the Sage 50 software program set to “User” hence, there has been a conflict.

Resolution of Error:

Step I: You should check for the Updates-

  • Click at the Windows Start button, open Control Panel speak box, after which click on the Windows Update option.
  • Now click on the check for updates option, or you also may go to the Microsoft Update authentic website so that it will download in addition to deploy the most latest updates to Microsoft Office.

Step II: Set programs default-

  • Start and log inside the laptop as an administrator.
  • Go to the Windows Start alternative, open Control Panel speak box, click at the Default Programs alternative, and then set the default applications.
  • Choose your required default e-mail software from the rundown of programs displayed into the left sidebar.
  • Choose the choice set this software as default.
  • Click at the OK button. •Choose Set application access and laptop
  • Choose a Custom alternative after which click on the down arrow seemed at the proper
  • Inside select a default e-mail program, pick the proper e-mail application.
  • Restart the e-mail software as well as Sage 50.
  • Verify your e-mail identity that you are trying to ship that is exists in the listing of touch into the email application.
  • Send the transaction through email from Sage 50.
  • Important: In case you haven’t seen the Microsoft Outlook into the Programs list, try and install again the Microsoft Outlook program.

Step III: Ensure you have an Outlook account setup-

  • You can deploy the Outlook program on your system; however, there are not one of the default setups for an electronic mail account.

Step IV: Ensure Add-in installed for Outlook-

  • Shut down the Outlook and Sage 50 program .
  • Begin the process of re-set up of the Sage 50 Accounting software.
  • Click on the OK button when the message appears “You have currently installed the Sage 50” .
  • Select Add or Remove option, after which click on the Next button.
  • Unchecked the Add-in alternative for Microsoft Outlook, and then click on the Next button .
  • Rehash the similar process another time and add again the check-mark for the Add-in option for Microsoft Outlook to be able to reinstall the add-on.
  • Send the transaction viae-mail from Sage 50.

Step V: Open the Sage 50 as an administrator-

  • To utilize Outlook from the program, both applications should be begun in a similar client setting.

Step VI: Try sending a document or file through Windows-

  • Right click on the mouse on the desktop place and then click on at the Create New option, Text Document .
  • Right click at the mouse on a new report and then click on on Send to the button, Mail Recipient .
  • Did windows show an error? .
  • Won’t work when an older variant of Microsoft Outlook is installed.

Our Assistance:

In case the issue still occurs and you cant fixSending Email or invoices if Sage 50 Email MAPI Error return code-2 MAPI_E_FAILURE or Code 26 occurred, follow steps or Call ☎ +1-800-961-4623 Support … Sage 50 Mapi error, at that point, you have to contact us at Our  Sage 50 technical support team of professionals is always ready to help you. Our excellent Sage 50 helpdesk is there to fix all types of Sage errors at any possible time either day or in the night according to the convenience of the client. They are highly qualified as well as they have many years of experience and skills to resolve all types of errors associated with the Sage 50 software. Call us our 24*7 toll free helpline ✆+1-800-961-4623.

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