How to fix “Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server” Error?

Sage 50 HR unable to contact remote server

Sage 50 HR Manager giving you intense time? Is it true that you are confronting incessant error messages that state “Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server” and are searching for approaches to manually fix it? Stress not! In this article we’ll layout some straightforward approaches to manually fix “Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server” Error.

Resolution steps for Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server Error

This error message demonstrates that Sage 50 HR Service isn’t beginning on PC where your information is put away or that the HR Manager File isn’t added to Sage HR account. To fix this issue:

  1. Go to the Control Panel and click on Administrative tools, then click Services
  2. Right click on Sage 50 HR Service and choose Start.
  3. Go to Log On tab, this Account .\SageHRServer should be already selected, click Browse.
  4. Now click Locations and expand the + sign.
  5. Choose the domain name and click OK.
  6. Click Advanced, search the username in “Select User” screen and click OK.
  7. Enter password in Log On tab and click Apply.
  8. Now go to the General tab and click Start.
  9. Sage 50 HR service should start without error.

Still need help?

If you are unable to fix Sage 50 HR Unable to Contact Remote Server ,then Call our expert technicians at sage 50 tech support phone number +1-844-871-6291 and we can help you quickly resolve all your Sage 50 issues in no time.

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