Migrate Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50c:

How to Migrate from Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50c

If your Sage 50 users, you can easily upgrade your previous existing software to use the latest enhancements of Sage 50 C. Now Sage 50C is known as Sage Cloud. We know that Sage 50 comes with numerous accounting solutions features that help you decrease workloads and streamline complex tasks.  However, if you are given the opportunity to get more improved features, you will never deny it. We are sure that after hearing about optimized reviews and breathtaking options, the majority of people started upgrading their old version. Through the below article, let’s explore how to migrate Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50c and significant benefits. Read the complete document if you don’t want to miss any single concept regarding Migration.

Why Sage 50c?

Sage 50 C is specifically created to overcome the unavailability of Remote access in traditional Sage 50. So Sage developer included hybrid cloud technology in it and introduced a more agile and flexible accounting solution. In Sage 50c, information gets stored in a complete secured cloud infrastructure. The most remarkable feature is it allows remote access through integrating Microsoft Office 365.

Increase Business Growth:

The deep integration of Microsoft Office 365 provides an excellent chance to grow business through perfect management of Accounts and finances. Sage 50 C enhances trust and security with cloud services. It ensures automation and freedom in accessing important information across the world. It helps to take quick and best business decision.

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What are the core benefits when Sage 50 Desktop migrates to Sage 50c?

There are several numbers of compelling reasons behind the decision to move from Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50c. Some significant benefits are given below:

Effective Real-Time Monitoring:

Sage 50 c with Office 365 helps track the reports more intelligently with remote access. The owners can get the ease of determining the insights of critical aspects related to their business while sitting at home.

Maximize the process of Cash flow:

The availability of the Remote invoicing option permits authorized users to create required invoices from any location through an email instantly. It increases the ability for instant payments, which in turn boost cash flow

Access from Anywhere (Remote Access):

When you migrate Sage 50 desktop to Sage C with hybrid-cloud features, it let you access the data at any time or from any location. If any modification takes place through authorized users, easily sync back to the cloud. It increases accuracy and overcomes the core issue of Sage 50 by facilitating remote access function

Increase effectiveness:

The availability of a complete suite of Online Microsoft like Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint helps drive remote collaboration.

Data Backup Automation:

Sometimes owners or managers forget to back up the critical data. Fortunately, Sage 50C provides you with secured backing up of important accounting data to protect the mandatory information.

How to Migrate Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50 C?

Here is the list of steps you need to follow for migrating Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50 C:

Step 1: Perform the Reconciliation:

Select the day to proceed with Sage 50 Desktop’s migrating process to Sage 50 c with an accurate date. It should be at the beginning of a new month or quarter. Ensure that you have taken the print copy of the Account Reconciliation Summary, including outstanding transaction logs require for the reconciliation in Sage accounting.

Step 2: Data Export:

Download, install and execute the migration tool to create Sage accounting. Now start exporting company data into newly created Sage Accounting.

Step 3: Move and perform Data Validation:

At last, do the data match with the post-migration report.


That’s all about Migrate Sage 50 Desktop to Sage 50 c! Hopefully, the information is useful and it saves your valuable time.  So start migrating with Sage 50 c with cloud features. In case you are still unable to  migrate Sage 50 desktop to Sage 50c, then you can call our Sage 50 support team at or you can do Sage 50 live chat with our Sage 50 online support team 24×7.