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How to Record a Refund From a Vendor in QuickBooks Online?

Recording refund back can be proven slightly elaborate for some of the users but it’s miles something that has to be finished as soon as possible. The seller can issue a credit file stated that you no greater owe the quantity or they can also difficulty money back check. In both cases, we’ll teach you how to record a refund from a vendor in QuickBooks Online.

In the first case, whilst a vendor issued a credit file then you definitely want to record it on the supplier credit and follow it when you pay the vendor’s bill.

And in the 2nd case, when a seller issued a refund check then you definitely still have to file it to the dealer credit score however also you want to add the deposit for supplier check and link it to the supplier credit score.

Easy steps to record a refund from a vendor in QuickBooks Online:

Steps 1: Enter the vendor credit-

  • Click on the ‘+New’.
  • Then from the ‘Vendors’ list pick out the ‘Vendor credit score’option.
  • Browse the seller from ‘select the vendors’ drop-down menu.
  • Enter the issue date of the credit score document/refund check.
  • At the top right nook input the credit score amount.
  • Next, In the account details select the account you used for unique billing.
  • In the Item details, pick out the items which you lower back to the seller.
  • You can also attach an electronic replica of the credit.
  • Lastly, keep and near from the bottom proper.

if you receive a check then you have to record refund check from a vendor in QuickBooks Online.

Step 2 : Deposit Refund check of Vendor:

To record refund check QuickBooks Online after recording it into vendor credit you also need to deposit check in the QuickBooks-

  • Click at the ‘+New’.
  • Then from the ‘Others’column pick the‘Bank deposit’option.
  • In the ‘Add new deposit’section fill all the required fields.
  • In ‘Received from’ enter the name of the vendor.
  • In ‘Account’ pick out the account payable.
  • In the ‘Amount’discipline enter the amount of refund.
  • Click on the downward arrow on the side of ‘Save and new’ and pick out the ‘Save and close’ option.

Bank deposit window in QuickBooks online

Steps 3: Link Vendor Credit and Bank Deposit:

 For linking vendor credit and bank deposit, we’ll be using expenses. this will help in keeping accurate vendor expenses.

  • Click on the ‘+New’ icon.
  • Then from the ‘Vendors’ column select the ‘Expenses’ option.
  • Select the vendor that issues credit score document/refund check.
  • On the proper hand upload the modern-day transaction in each Vendor credit score and bank deposit.
  • After adding the net stability of the invoice payment turns into zero.
  • At last ‘Save and close’.

This is the whole procedure to record a refund from a vendor in QuickBooks Online.

Step 4: Record a credit card refund in QuickBooks Online:

This method is used when you make a purchase using the business credit card and for some reason, you have to return the product. Then the vendor usually will issue a refund to the credit card account that you used.

  • Click on ‘Chart of Accounts’ from the ‘gear’ icon at the left.
  • Select the credit card from the listing after which click at the ‘view register’ on right.
  • Next in the ‘Add CC expense’, drop-down menu select ‘CC Credit’.
  • A new window named ‘Credit Card Register’will seem on this you need to fill some details.
  • In account, test whether you select the right credit card or not.
  • Next, input the date you back the product.
  • In the Payee account, choose the seller to whom you come the product.
  • In Memo, you could add a relevant description.
  • In the Payment section, input the rate of the returned product.
  • After effectively input the fields. Click on the ‘Save’ on the lowest right.

credit card deposit window in QuickBooks


Above we covered all the methods to record a reimbursement from a vendor in QuickBooks Online. You can perform any of them as per your requirements.

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