How to Fix QuickBooks EXEAdapter Error?

QuickBooks EXEAadapter Error

An EXEAdapter error or the 61686 error can happen when introducing QuickBooks can happen because of a harmed Framework file. At the point when a client experiences an EXEAdapter error, the installer quits working and the product will neglect to introduce. QuickBooks installation can quit working when it experiences such errors. It ends up significant at this phase to determine it before proceeding with the installation.

What are the causes of the error?

One of the essential purposes behind error is expected to a harmed Framework.xml file. The blunder happens when the Microsoft .net structure is harmed or missing on the working framework. Since the .NET system is required for a few projects, as in QuickBooks except if this can be fixed, the installer will neglect to enlist the QuickBooks software.

The message that appears on the screen will be:

  • The installer has encountered an error when running QuickBooks
  • Exeadapter error: Install Exe has received an error

How to Fix EXEAdapter error?

The Framework.XML file is crucial for operating several programs such as QuickBooks. So, it needs to be modified or corrected before working on the installation.

Correcting Framework.XML file:

Depending upon where and how you are doing the installation from – either from the download or from a CD, the resolutions will vary.

  1. Modification of Framework when installing Software from the download:
  • Press the keys WINDOWS+R on the keyboard- the COMMAND PROMPT will open up
  • On the command prompt window, key-in the words: %temp% and click OK
  • Now, when the window with temp file opens up, click on the folder which has the name of the edition of Quickbooks you are trying to install.

In case you cannot find the QuickBooks install file on the temp folder, then re-run the QuickBooks installer, and when the welcome screen comes up, click ‘Cancel’

  • Now, click-open the QBOOKS folder and
  • Browse to find FRAMEWORK.XML. Right-click on the folder and click ‘RENAME’
  • Change the file name of FRAMEWORK.XML to FRAMEWORK.XML.OLD
  • Now, download the new FRAMEWORK.XML file from the web and Save it on the QBOOKS folder
  • Once done, open the INSTALLATION FOLDER and click to RUN the setup.exe. Try to run the QuickBooks.msi FOLDER, in case the setup.exe folder fails to start.
  1. Modification of Framework.xml file when installing software from CD:
  • Before beginning, click to Copy the installer to the desktop of the system you are operating with
  • To copy:
  • After installing the CD, when the Install Shield wizard opens up, close it and
  • Browse to find ‘CD directory’
  • Browse again to find the folder with the same file name as ‘QUICKBOOKS Edition’ that you are trying to install and press CTRL+C to copy the folder
  • Now, right-click on the desktop and click Paste to copy it to the desktop
  • You now have the QBOOKS folder on the desktop. Open the folder, and browse to find FRAMEWORK.XML. Click on RENAME
  • Rename the Framework.xml to FRAMEWORK.XML.OLD
  • Now, download the new Framework.xml file and save it to the QBOOKS folder (where the OLD framework file is present)
  • Once done, you can run the setup.exe or the QuickBooks.msi files to begin installation of QuickBooks software.

Again, if the error message still appears, then consult a QuickBooks expert by calling QuickBooks technical support number . The QB experts are present 24/7 to resolve any problems related to QuickBooks software.

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