How To Fix QuickBooks Error 1722

QB Error 1722

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to see the error occurring while using the QuickBooks software. As a user, you would want to use the software seamlessly for accounting purpose. For small and mid-sized companies, this software is a big relief, but unfortunately, the software faces error. One such is the Error C=224 which is quite usual to occur. QuickBooks Error C=224 occurs when the verification of the company fails.

The error can occur when you are taking the backup of the file or while opening up the damaged or corrupt files. In many cases, QuickBooks Error C=224 in QuickBooks can once when the software tries to read invalid split line for the transaction.

Some of the Reasons why QuickBooks Error C=224 occurs-

  • Opening the damaged or corrupt file
  • Rebuild Data Utility from File-Utility-Rebuild Data
  • While verifying company file
  • When Windows Registry files got damaged

Resolving QuickBooks Error Code C=224-

There are different solutions using which you can resolve the QuickBooks Error C=224. However, before you go ahead to follow the solution; make sure to update QuickBooks software.

Solution 1- Verifying the Data Utility-

  • Open the company file and go to File Menu
  • Click on Utilities and click on Verify Data
  • Click on Ok to begin the Verification Process
  • Once the process finishes, click on Ok

Solution 2- Rebuilding Data-

  • To rebuild data, visit File menu and then to Utilities
  • Click on Rebuild Data
  • Click on Ok for backup done within the system
  • Click on the Next and then on Browse to save the backup
  • Once the process is done, you can click on OK to save the file

Seek QuickBooks Technical Support-

Although the above-mentioned steps are easy to follow, if the result isn’t positive, you can seek technical support from QB. The QB team will help you solve the QuickBooks Error C=224 and fix it in minimum possible time. Call the desk of QuickBooks Support at + 1800-961-4623 and get complete assistance to use the software for accounting purpose.

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