List of Sage Payment Credit Card Decline Codes for Sage 100

Sage Payment Credit Card Decline Codes For Sage 100

Insufficient reserves”, “Visa declined”, ‘Invalid card number” – Visa decrease codes could be baffling and equivocal, particularly when they are trailed by numeric codes. Along these lines, in the event that you are confronting issues while coordinating Sage 100 with Sage Payment Solutions and don’t have the foggiest idea what that numeric blunder code implies, at that point here’s everything you have to know. In this article , we are talking about the most common Sage 100 payment credit card decline codes.

Most Common Sage 100 Payment Credit Card Decline Codes are:

  • 01 Declined – Call Issuer
  • 04 Declined – Pick-up Card
  • 05 Declined – Do Not Honor
  • 12 Declined – Invalid Transaction
  • 13 Declined – Card Amount Invalid
  • 14 Declined – Card Number Invalid
  • 15 Declined – No Such Issuer
  • 19 Declined – Re-Enter
  • 51 Declined – Insufficient Funds
  • 54 Declined – Card Expired
  • 57 Declined – Service Not Allowed
  • 61 Declined – Customer Exceeds Withdrawal Limit
  • 62 Declined – Restricted SIC Code\
  • 63 Declined – Restricted
  • 65 Declined – Customer Exceeds Activity Limit
  • 78 Declined – No Account
  • 97 Declined – CVV Mis-Match

Our Assistance:

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