How to Use Sage 50 Network Installation Manager

Sage 50 Network Installation Manager offers a streamlined procedure to enable clients to introduce Sage 50 over a system of PCs. It makes your establishment procedure brisk, simple, and less inclined to client mistakes. It commits the need to utilize the establishment CD while introducing Sage 50 on various system PCs and expels numerous other system establishment steps that were performed to introduce past variants of Sage 50 software accounting. How about we investigate how Sage 50 Network Installation Manager functions.

Let’s take a look at how Sage 50 network installation manager works:

Installing Sage 50 on a Single Computer-

1.Double-click on Sage50_2015.exe file and snap Install.

2.Read and acknowledge the permit understanding.

3.Click Yes to on the message screen to naturally let Sage 50 set your firewall. On the other hand, you can likewise physically arrange your firewall.

4.In case you get a notice message from your firewall setting during introduce, select Allow or Unblock.

5.Now enter the sequential number has been sent to you in your email.

6.On the Network window, select Yes to run Sage 50 on a solitary PC.

7.Select the program documents area. This must be a nearby drive (generally C or D).

8.Now snap Install to introduce Sage 50.

Installing Sage 50 on a Network Computer using Network Installation Manage-

1.Once you have completed the process of introducing Sage 50 on the server PC, you’ll be furnished with alternatives on the synopsis screen to utilize organize chief to introduce Sage 50 on residual PCs.

2.Check the alternative box and snap Install.

3.Your Sage 50 accounting will be introduced on the system server.

4.In the foundation Sage will likewise make a duplicate of the establishment records on a mutual organizer on the server.

5.In option to the establishment records, Sage will likewise include a customer establishment document that will help mechanize the establishment procedure on each system PC.

6.At the finish of the procedure, you will get a content record that will contain the area of the establishment organizer on the server alongside the guidelines on the most proficient method to utilize it to introduce Sage 50 on different workstations.

7.Since the establishment record has been replicated on the server, you would never again require the establishment CD to perform Sage 50 establishment.

8.Now from the following workstation, open the organizer where Sage 50 establishment document has been spared and run the customer establishment record.

9.Click Install and the Network Installation Manager will wrap up for you. It will download, introduce, and redesign Sage 50 accounting on this PC based on settings characterized by the server establishment. These include:

o The area of the arrangement documents

o  Area of the information way

o The area of the organization information organizer

o  Sequential number of the item, required for establishment and enlistment

When the establishment procedure begins this PC, you can move to the following workstation to begin the establishment procedure, without the need to trust that the procedure will complete on one PC. Along these lines, with the assistance of Network Installation Manager, you can at the same time introduce Sage 50 on various PCs, something that was not permitted before.

Technical Support for Sage 50 Network Installation-

In case you need assistance while utilizing Network Installation Manager to introduce Sage 50 software accounting, master technical support is only a summon. Connect with our Sage 50 technical support team and we can download, introduce, and overhaul your Sage 50 software accounting on a system of PCs so you can concentrate on things significant for your business. Just call us on troll free number +184-4871-6291 or you can have Sage 50 live chat with our technical department.

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