How to Set up ACH Payment in QuickBooks?

ACH payments in Quickbooks

QuickBooks Payments support quite a few price methods. Most of the business owners be given the bills the usage of Debit Card, Credit Card and even the ACH Payment also by the internal intuit’s fee system. It is also beneficial to the proprietor of the commercial enterprise as accepting the prices thru ACH charges less, which is 50 cents per transaction. But in case you plan for accepting the charge by way of ACH, you must be privy to how to report ACH payments in QuickBooks.

Setting up ACH Payments in QuickBooks :

In order to show the pay bill button, you’ll need to link your ACH Payments account to QuickBooks Online and choose the relevant payment method on the invoice.

To join your Payments account:

  • Select the Gear icon at the top, then Company Settings.
  • Select Payments from the left menu.
  • (Don’t see Payments? No problem. Select QuickBooks Payments instead.)
  • Select Connect.
  • An extra window or tab opens to an Intuit Payment Solutions branded page. The connection provider routinely seems for any QuickBooks Payments accounts that have the identical login with the user who is currently logged in.
  • Review all vital disclosures then verify that the appropriate account become selected. If the whole lot looks right, pick out Link account.
  • Once done, signal out of QuickBooks Online then sign back in.

Note: If you are using QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you’ll need to complete these steps for each computer you want to use to process debit and credit cards.

Step 1. Set up your account with Intuit Merchant Account Services. (You only need to try this once.) You ought to have a merchant account to system your customer’s credit score and debit cards. Once you sign up, you’ll accept a connection price tag that authorizes QuickBooks to technique credit and debit card transactions. Enter this price tag at the Merchant Service preference window. (QuickBooks > Preferences).

Wrapping up:

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article as in this we have explained how to set up ACH payments in QuickBooks. We have explained step by step procedure here. In this, we have also covered how to record partial payments and joint payments. If you are facing any problem related to ACH Payments, Our QuickBooks help desk is 24*7 available to solve the issues. You can call us at  or you can connect with us through our live Quickbooks chat support team.

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