How to Print 1099-MISC Forms in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks presents a easy straight away technique for its quit customers to print 1099/1096 bureaucracy. But for the beginners, this task can be proven slightly difficult. In this post, we’ll train you how to print 1099 in Quickbooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop version. One component to maintain in thoughts before beginning the printing 1099 paperwork is the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS handiest validate the pre-revealed 1099-MISC form.

How to Print 1099-MISC in QuickBooks Online:

Before printing, firstly you need to prepare 1099 form in QuickBooks . Secondly, align the printer with the form using blank paper and finally print using pre-print 1099-MISC Form.

Step 1. Prepare 1099-MISC Form:

  • In QuickBooks dashboard choose ‘workers’ and then pick out the ‘Contractor’ in the next window.
  • A listing of contractors will come up subsequent. In this pick the ‘Prepare 1099s’ option.
  • In the next window evaluate the company’s tax statistics, contractor’s data, and verify the payments.
  • After reviewing all the facts finish getting ready 1099.

After finishing 1099 form a new window will pop-up.

In this window, since you’re filing by way of mail, therefore, you want to click on “I’ll file myself”.Then, QuickBooks will advocate you to buy one among their QuickBooks 1099 kits however this isn’t required when you have pre-published 1099 Forms.

Step 2. Print on Blank Paper and Align the Printer and Form:

Before using a pre-printed 1099 form you should align printer using blank paper. In that way, you can save the pre-printed forms.

  • In this window first, choose the 1099 shape. (Select 1096 in case you are printing the same.)
  • Next insert the clean page within the printer.
  • Then click at the ‘ Print at the Blank Page’ option.
  • Now location the sample print on the pre-printed shape then maintain both up in opposition to a mild source.
  • Now check whether they may be coated up or no longer. ( If sure click on on Yes, appears good! And if no then click on on ‘No, it doesn’t line up’.)
  • Use Fine-device alignment to modify the print.
  • Then use some other blank paper to print a pattern.
  • Repeat that till you’re no longer glad with the alignment of the print. (NOTE: We advocate you word down the alignment settings once you find the appropriate one. It will help you within the future when you are printing more 1099 forms.)

Step 3. Load Pre-Printed 1099-MISC Forms:

Finally after making ready the 1099 paperwork and aligning the clean paper samples with the pre-revealed 1099 forms. Now you are ready for the final step.

It will be convenient if you print each part of the form as a single batch.

  1. Load all COPY As and print.
  2. Then, load all COPY Bs and print and so on.

Now after printing all the forms, you can separate them and ship them to the (Internal Revenue Service) IRS within the tax form envelopes.

How to Print 1099-MISC Form in QuickBooks Desktop:

The method of printing 1099 shape in QuickBooks Desktop is not much distinct from the QB Online. But inside the Desktop version, you may face some printing errors. Therefore, you want to comply with the steps carefully and accurately so that you can ace the printing task inside the first attempt.

Step 1. Prepare Form in 1099-MISC Form Wizard:

  1. From the File-Menu at the top select Print forms and then pick 1099s/1096.
  2. Click on ‘Get Started’ as quickly as QuickBooks 1099 Wizard will open.
  3. Review and finalize the company’s tax facts and contractor’s statistics and then continue.
  4. Select 1099s inside the subsequent window named ‘Choose the filing method’.
  5. And then input the date.

How to Print 1099 QuickBooks

It’s important to fill the statistics efficiently before printing. Therefore, QuickBooks wizard detects the difficulty after which flag it. You can circulate forward after resolving the problem.

Step 2. Print on Blank Paper and Align the Printer and Form:

First, you have to use a few blank paper to align the printer and if you are glad with the outcome most effective then use pre-print form.

  1. Select a vendor.
  2. Then choose form-type ‘Print 1099’.
  3. Insert a blank paper in the printer.
  4. Place the sample print at the pre-printed shape then keep both of them in opposition to a mild source.
  5. Check whether each are aligned or not.
  6. ‘Fine-tool alignment’ to line up the form and the printer.
  7. Again print a sample and compare.
  8. Do it until you find the right alignment.

You can shop the alignment details if you print 1099 shape again within the future.

Step 3. Load Pre-Printed 1099-MISC Forms:

After the coaching and alignment of the 1099 bureaucracy. You are now ready to print those paperwork. This process is similar to it turned into in QuickBooks Online.

  1. First, load all COPY As and print them.
  2. Then load all COPY Bs and print them and so on.

Now you all forms are prepared and printed. You can separate them and send them to the IRS inside the tax shape envelopes.

How to Print 1099-MISC Form in QuickBooks Mac:

Here are the steps to print 1099 in QuickBooks Mac.

  • Open the File-Menu and Select ‘Print Form 1099’.
  • After that 1099 wizard will pop-up click at the ‘Get Started’.
  • Now select vendors who are applicable for 1099 form.
  • Double click on the vendor’s name to edit his information.
  • You can view the blanketed and excluded bills of 1099. Click on ‘Next’ while done.
  • Next click on the ‘Print 1099’ option.
  • First, print on the blank paper to test the alignment.
  • Change your alignment settings if it doesn’t line up perfectly.
  • After perfect alignment, pick all of the carriers you need to print. Then click on the ‘Print 1099’option.
  • At last, verify the printer setting and start printing.


We know it could be a piece difficult to ace this job before everything attempt however let’s hope which you learned a way to print 1099-MISC Form in Quickbooks and you are equipped to mail those bureaucracy to IRS without going through any roadblocks. But don’t worry in case you nevertheless have some problems related to the 1099 shape print subject matter or another problems. Just call our QuickBooks technical support number at  or you can also connect with us through QuickBooks live chat Support option.

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