How to Fix Sage 50 Not Accessible on Network?

Sage 50 Not Accessible on Network

Is it true that you are Sage 50 not accessible on network? All things considered, there are potential outcomes this blunder may happen because of mistaken information way on the host machine or possibly as a result of hindered Windows the board Instrumentation.

In this article, we shall understand different root causes of the ‘Not accessible to Sage 50 database on network’ error and discuss some of the easiest methods to resolve this issue.

Causes of the ‘Cannot connect to sage 50 database on network’ error-

Here are some of the root causes that result in this error:

  • Pervasive administration have turned out to be still on the server
  • Not bunch to ping the server
  • Firewall deflecting program
  • Improper server title in ~PVSW~.LOC record
  • The system is Public on machine or Server
  • Distributed record framework (DFS) is utilized in the mapped drive
  • Impaired Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • Improper information way on machine
  • Server and machines are taking a shot at various renditions


Section I: Verify these first-

  1. Affirm that all antivirus and firewalls on the nearby PC and on the server (or on the PC where the information is found) are handicapped. ( For instance “on access” scanner from Windows Defender, McAfee, Norton, and so on).
  2. Check if all workstations are running a similar form of Sage 50.
  3. Check the issue is settled. In the event that the issue endures, continue to Section II.

Section II: Get the real IP address-

Note: This process is applicable for a local area network (LAN)

  1. Get IP address from the server: On the server, select Start, Run, type CMD, at that point press Enter.
  2. Type ip config, at that point press Enter to get server IP address.
  3. From the local computer: Select StartRun.
  4. Type in \\IP address and press Enter
    • Example:\\
  5. From the voyager window, open the organization on the server.

Note: in the event that you can open it with no error messages, you need to fix the mapping on the neighborhood PC or make the new drive with the new address.

Section III: Creating or Fixing the mapping on the local computer-

  1. On the Desktop, right-click on My PC and choose Map system drive.
  2. Pick the drive letter
    • Example:Z:
  3. Type \\IP address in the Folder field and press Finish. In the event that you see the old drive recorded officially, right the IP address
    • Example:\\
  4. Open the organization through the mapped drive from Sage 50 Accounting.

Section IV: Go to the IP address and make sure it works and then going back to host name can make it work.

  1. Go to the \\ipaddress and ensure the record opens.
  2. Return through \\hostname and ensure the document opens.
  3. Check that you can reboot and it opens through host name now.

Our Assistance

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