How to Fix QuickBooks Unable to Connect to Remote Server?

If there’s a problem with web mail in QuickBooks, one of these error messages appears after the email password is entered: QuickBooks is unable to connect to remote serve.  We were unable to connect to the email server for your email provider.

QuickBooks was unable to send your form for the following reason: QuickBooks was able to connect to the remote server but could not understand the server’s response.

The error generally occurs with Yahoo email addresses. The first solution provided below might solve the issue or all the solutions might have to be tried. In any case, the solutions must be tried in the order shown here.


Solutions 1: Updating to the latest release:

  • Users must go the QuickBooks release page and select the product, and then select the Update button for downloading the update file.
  • Next, select Set Up Automatic Updates for figuring out how to set QuickBooks, so that it can download and install latest updates automatically.

Solutions 2: Checking settings in web mail preferences:

  • First, choose Preferences in Edit menu of QuickBooks. Then, select Send Forms from the left pane.
  • Then, in My Preferences, choose the email account that’s being used and then choose Edit.
  • Next, when the Edit Email Info screen appears, users must go to the SMTP Server Details section. Here, the server name and port must be set to the email provider settings.

Setting up email service in QuickBooks –


If users don’t have an Outlook email profile it must be created. Then, they must contact the ISP for the following:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Server address of incoming email
  • Type of server of incoming email
  • Address of outgoing email

-Next, Outlook must be set up in QuickBooks. If Outlook isn’t available as an option, users must follow the steps for fixing the problem of Outlook missing in QuickBooks Send Forms preferences.

-In Edit menu of QuickBooks, select Preferences and then Send Forms. Then, choose Outlook, followed by OK.

Web Mail:

1.Connecting with secure web mail-

Secure Web mail can be used in newer QuickBooks versions for easily and safely connecting to the email provider. Secure Web mail can only be used with certain providers, based on the QuickBooks version:

  • QuickBooks 2018:Gmail and Hotmail/Live users in the US.
  • Intuit QuickBooks 2017 R5 and later:Gmail users in the US.
  • QB 2017 R4 and earlier:Secure Web mail not available.


  • If Secure Web mail is added to the QuickBooks company file, a complex password will have to be created for the file if it doesn’t exist.
  • In hosted environments, users might be asked to sign in to the web mail provider when mails are sent from QuickBooks, even if Secure Web mail is used.

2.Setting up Secure Web mail:

  • In Edit menu, choose Preferences and then Send Forms. Then, choose Web Mail and then select Add. Now, the service provider must be chosen from the drop-down and the email address entered. The Use Enhanced Security box must be selected.
  • Then choose OK.
  • Users must sign in to the Intuit account, when there’s a prompt. The username or email ID used here might not be the one used for connecting to QuickBooks.
  • Once this is done, the web mail provider’s login page will appear.

3.Connecting with regular Web mail:

QuickBooks automatically completes the information for common mail providers like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

4.Setting up regular web mail:

Choose Preferences from the Edit menu of QuickBooks and then Select Forms. Then choose Web Mail, followed by Add.

Next the Add Email Info must be filled out and then OK selected. Finally, OK must be chosen for saving the changes.

Solutions 3: Resetting Internet Explorer settings to default:

If the problem is due to an anti-virus software, users must contact an expert or the anti-virus vendor to fix the issue, so that QuickBooks is given access when web mail is set up.

Error persists despite trying all the solutions above, the solutions given below should be tried:

  • By chance error message says that user is not connected to the internet or firewall is blocking the connection, users must open Internet Explorer and try opening a website.
  • If the message says that the email server settings are wrong, users must check that the settings are correct by following the steps given in Solution 2 above.
  • On the off chance that the message says that the email or secret phrase entered isn’t right, clients must sign in to the email account by means of an internet browser and confirm if the email and secret word work.

Our Assistance:-

If the error occurs even though web email isn’t used, the problem could be related to the system. In such a case, a new Windows admin user must be created to fix the issue. If the problem still persists, please call our QuickBooks Technical Support Team at this toll-free number 1800-910-4754 . The QuickBooks helpdesk is available 24*7.

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