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How do I Create a Backup for Sage 100 Contractor?

About Creating Backup For Sage 100 Contractor

The year end processes make significant changes to your data so you need to have dependable backup copies of the earlier program. So here are the recommendations to make a backup copy of Sage 100 Contractor and verifying if the backup is complete.

Note: These backups will serve as full backup records. Remember these shouldn’t be incremental or differential backups as these types of backups make only a selective recording of alterations since the last backup rather than recording the entire data.

Make at least one backup to the tape drive, separate storage media, or separate drive like your local computer’s local hard drive. Always keep a copy of your company’s back off-site.

Simple Steps For A Backup: Steps For Backing-up Data And Verifying If The Copy Is Complete

  • Browse to the MB Folder on the server drive and expand it → Then right click the company folder
  • Choose the right company folder you wish to copy
  • Before copying the company data, we need to find how many files are in it
  • So after right clicking on the company folder → Select Properties
  • In the General tab, it will show the number of files and folders in a company
  • Just write this somewhere so it will be helpful to compare it to the copy restored
  • Exit out of the property window and select Copy
  • Past the copied folder into the My Document folder or into a folder in the C Drive
  • After the folder is pasted, check the properties of the copied folder to ensure if the files and folders are copied correctly with the right number of folders you’d noted earlier
  • If the files count does not match, you must copy the entire company folder again
  • You can zip this file and rename this file to ensure you can identify this as a backup file
  • Once the back-up copies are completed, you can begin with the year end close process

Check more on how to set up maintenance notification on your Sage software or up of Sage 100 contractor payroll to migration company files from the older versions. If you want to check more on the renamed, lost or removed files and folders, you can call for further guidance. offers a full range of Sage 50 technical support services like upgrading to the latest version, handling critical collapses, updating data security and rectifying data damage issues.

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