Fix Could Not Start the Database Engine Error in Sage 50

Could Not Start the Database Engine

Is it true that you can’t open a Company document on Sage 50, however getting a error message that says “The Connection Manager could not start the database engine? The database engine revealed a error.”?

The error as a rule happens because of issues with SAJ envelope, a functioning firewall hindering the Connection Manager, or your antivirus programming recognizing Connection Manager as a threat.

The list of causes that create an issue with Sage 50:

  • The Read-only feature in SAJ Folder.
  • Missing Folder or File from SAJ Folder.
  • exe, Mysqld-nt.exe and/or Connection Manager detected by Antivirus as a threat and the file or folder is deleted.
  • The Connection Manager is blocked by Firewall.
  • Disabled Log Service in Windows Event.
  • Issues with the .NET framework.
  • The Server doesn’t have Connection Manager or it is not installed.
  • The Server’s Shared Data Location has Permission Issue.
  • Corrupt, Damaged or Deleted Data issue.

Resolution to the problem for Could Not Start the Database Engine

You can resolve the issue by either turning off your firewall or briefly disable your antivirus programming. In the event that this doesn’t take care of the issue, you should consider restarting the Connection Manager or reinstalling Sage 50 once more.

Solution #1:

Restart Sage 50 Connection Manager:

1.Log on to your PC as Administrator.

2.Go to Control Panel, select Administrative Tools and afterward Services.

3.Right click on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and select Stop.

4.Right click on Sage 50 Database Connection Manager and select Start.

5.Try to open the organization record.

Reinstall Program:

  1. Uninstall and reinstall Sage 50.
  2. Try to open the company file.

Solution #2:

1.First, you have to close the Sage 50 programming from every one of the frameworks.

2.Computer’s Tasks Manager that hosts Windows Database.

3.Now, click on the Process Tab.

4.To show the procedure to every one of the clients, you have to tap on it.

5.Now, from the name List, end mysqld.exe.

6.Now, revive the Data File.

Also, Read – Sage 50 Connection Manager Not Responding Error:

Our assistance:

In case you are still unable to fix the error”Cannot start database engine,then you should get in touch with us for Sage 50 tech support help at +1-800-961-4623 or you can also connect with us via Sage Live Chat Support that is available on our website 24×7.

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