Upgrade Older to Sage 50 2019

How to Upgrade your Old Sage 50 Version to Sage 50 2019

Yes, Sage 50 2019 is here!  Remember the good ole days when the Sage Peachtree software support introduced the new version?  Sage would have a BIG announcement, special sales, send out a ton of emails and your mail box was flooded with Postal notices.   Well, those days are gone!

Sage is now simply rolling the upgrade into your existing version. This is part of your Sage Business Care that comes with every new purchase of Sage 50.  You now get upgrades for one full year from your date of purchase.  To keep the upgrades coming you simply have to renew each year call ☎ +184-4871-6291 for Sage 50 technical support.

Upgrading Your Sage 50 Accounting Product

At some point you may find that your business has outgrown the features available in your current Sage 50 Accounting product (for example, Sage 50 Premium Accounting). If your company requires more advanced accounting features or it needs to allow more concurrent users, Sage 50 Accounting provides two convenient upgrade options.

  • Moving to a higher Sage 50 Accounting product – If your business requires a richer set of accounting features, you can upgrade to the latest release of a higher Sage 50 Accounting product (for example, moving from Sage 50 Premium Accounting to Sage 50 Quantum Accounting) This option also upgrades your version of Sage 50 Accounting if you are not already using the latest release of the program.
  • Adding more user licenses – If you want to increase the number of concurrent users in Sage 50 Accounting, you can upgrade your program to allow more users. If you are not using the latest release, you will get the latest one and move to a higher Sage 50 Accounting product at the same time.

To add specific features, such as organizing your company into departments or recording time and billing services, you can upgrade your current Sage 50 Accounting product to one with the features that you need. Compare the features in the various Sage 50 Accounting products to help you make the best selection.

So Sage says you can easily download the upgrade and upgrade your existing program.  No need to call in the IT guys, you should be able to do this yourself now.  Right?  Wrong, I say let’s not jump on this upgrade right away when you see the upgrade notification.   I would still prepare for the upgrade as in the past. There are some pre-requisitions and you need to allow yourself enough time to get all of your computers ready for the upgrade before you upgrade.

I am getting many calls from clients stating they wished they knew how long it was going to take before they started the process.  They now have the staff waiting for the upgrade which is costing their company time & money.

First, let us remember that Sage 50 2019 only uses Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 to run their software.  So the first thing you need to do, if you haven’t been doing this all along, is get all of the Window upgrades, but don’t move to Windows 10!   UPGRADE 9/2/2015 – If you move to Windows 10 you will have an issue with Outlook. That issue will be fixed in the next upgrade 2019.1 which will be released AROUND September 15th.   Here is a link to a temporary workaround Error: “Printer not activated” e-mailing on Windows 8, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 computer

There is a new requirement that is creating a issue with the Sage 50 2019 upgrade. The new Sage 50 program requires a Microsoft Visual C++2012 Redistributor Package (x86).  Even if your operating system software is up to date, this file does not appear to be present.  In the upgrade, Sage gives you the link to use for the Visual C++ and it is loaded first, then the Sage 50 2019 can be installed immediately after.

As usual, don’t forget to turn off your antivirus program and turn on your firewall.  Sage 50 will work around the firewall if is turned on.

If this process fails, I suggest not messing with a repair.  Just uninstall the Sage 50 2015 and reinstalling the 2019.  I have personally spent hours on easy upgrades. I have a new Server w/ 2012 software and I always have to uninstall the old Sage version and reinstall the new program to get it to run. It is never a simple upgrade for me.

As for Windows 10 or any future Windows operating system upgrades, Sage will not embrace the new Windows programs until they are sure they are running without errors.  They have enough going on with their own software.  They don’t need issues with Windows to create havoc on their support line.   If you think you want to move to a new operating system in the future, make sure you are purchasing the TRADITIONAL version of the software.  Renewals are less than purchasing a subscription and your software will not quit working if you change your mind and don’t want to upgrade.

If you are a NEW user and need more information or old user and would like to upgrade your program, please contact us at Sage 50 support phone number ☎ +184-4871-6291, Email us for a quote at support@helplinenumber.support or visit our website: www.helplinenumber.support

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