Update old sage to Sage 50 2019

Update old Version Sage to Sage 50 2019

New Features & Updates in Sage 50 2019

The Sage 50 2019 – US Edition release delivers new feature enhancements and improvements for your business, as well as an integration between Sage 50 and Sage CRM, to assist you in making your business life even easier!

Features in this release pertain to both Sage 50 perpetual license and Sage 50c (cloud) users.

Expanded Sales Order Dropdown Menu

Expanded Sales Order Dropdown Menu & Totals in Quotes and Purchases List Views

The Sales Order drop-down menu has been expanded to match the current field width of the Invoice Number field. In addition, dollar totals are now featured in the Quotes and Purchases List views.

.NET Framework 4.7.1 updates

Sage 50 now leverages .NET Framework 4.7.1, which is already installed on most operating systems through standard Windows updates. If the update does not exist during installation, .NET Framework 4.7.1 will be installed during the installation process. Several advantages of this update include:

  • Performance & Reliability improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Compliance with latest native TLS security protocol standards

User Security Updates

Sage 50 provides several options that can maintain data security and deter unauthorized users from possible fraudulent activities. To provide the control needed with multiple users, Sage 50’s updated existing security settings in the installer were streamlined to minimize the occurrence of User Account Control (UAC) message prompts.

A standard user will need Administrator-level credentials to perform some tasks that require Administrator-level permissions to execute.

Sage Payroll (SPR) Sync

This release also includes updates to the latest Azure security compliance standards and improved reliability of large sync operations.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration Maintenance

Performance and reliability improvements are included in this update.

Sage Payment Cloud Maintenance 

Performance and reliability improvements are included in this update.

Sage has partnered with PayPal to bring you the latest feature, “Invoice Payments,” in Sage 50.  Invoice Payments using PayPal is an easy, convenient, secure way to allow your customers to pay you.

With Sage 50 2019 you get the ability to invoice your customers by email and include a Pay Now button that your customers can use to pay you with a debit or credit card. Payments are securely processed online and deposited directly to your bank account.

Sage 50 CRM Integration

Sage CRM is a communications system that is ideal for companies that need to streamline processes between departments or provide customer-facing staff with financial information, including the ability to create orders through the Sage CRM interface that pass through to the Sage accounting system.

Sage 50 CRM is a one-way, read only integration wherein Sage 50 is updating Sage CRM every 24 hours. Features include:

  • Displays Year-to-Date (YTD) Sales compared to Last YTD Sales
  • Displays the Date of the last Invoice
  • Shows a listing of Order and Invoice history
  • User can see line item details for historical Orders and Invoices

Beyond the features listed above, the integration allows you to connect multiple companies in Sage 50 to a single company record in Sage CRM.

If you need more information or would like to upgrade to Sage 50 2019 contact us at ☎ +184-4871-6291. Since 2006, helplinenumber.support has been an authorized Sage 50 reseller and Sage 50 Certified Consultant!

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