How to change QuickBooks password

QuickBooks Password Hack / Recover QuickBooks password

When the usage of QuickBooks Desktop, you’re constantly signed in as a specific user. QuickBooks software usually set up an Admin account first time you put in and set it up. Any different consumer is usually installation via way of means of the Admin. Security updates and different unforeseen occasions may also lead you to reset your password. This article guides you on how to recover QuickBooks password.

Steps you can Try to Reset the QuickBooks Desktop password:

Method 1:

If you know your Admin password and want to change it:

  • With your company file open, choose Company > Set Up Users and Passwords> Change Your Password.
  • In the Current Password field, enter your current admin password.
  • In the New Password field and the Confirm New Password field, enter your new password.

Note: If you want to leave your password blank, you must choose <select> in the Challenge Question field and the Answer field must be empty.

  • Click Ok.

Method 2:

If you forgot your QuickBooks Admin password need to reset:

If you’ve forgotten or lost your admin password, Intuit recommends 2 answers for this problem. The first answer can also additionally remedy your problem, or you could want to strive each to clear up the issue. For quality results, carry out the answers with inside the order shown.

  1. Reset your Admin password using your challenge question:

  • In the QuickBooks Desktop login screen, click I forgot my password
  • Answer the security question and click OK.
  • Click Close when you see this message:

“Your password and challenge solution and query were removed, and your enterprise document isn’t  any longer password-protected. When you shut up this window, you may be requested to create your new password and pick out and solution your venture query.”

  • The Change QuickBooks Password window opens. Enter a new password and new challenge question
  • Click OK. Your will file open
  1. Reset your admin password using a reset code (access token):

Go to the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset tool to reset your Admin password.

  • Go to
  • From the QuickBooks version, select your version of QuickBooks Desktop.

Important: The version of QuickBooks you last opened your company file with must be installed on the computer you are using to remove and reset the password.

  • Fill in your QuickBooks license number and business info then click Submit. NOTE: All information entered must match the information in our system including email address. The email that includes the access token will be sent ONLY to that same address.
  • Accept the license and click the Download button.
  • On the next screen, click the Download Now link. IMPORTANT: Make sure if it asks you to Run or Save, you choose Save and save it to your Desktop.
  • Double-click the QB Password Reset.exe file that was downloaded to open the tool.
  • Enter the token number you received via email into the Token Number field.
  • Select your QuickBooks version in the QuickBooks Products drop-down menu
  • Click the Browse for Company File button and select the company file that you want to reset the password on.

Note: if you are resetting the password for an Accountant’s Copy working file (.QBA), you will need to type *.* in the file name box and press Enter. This will allow you to see and select .QBA files.

  • Enter your new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.
  • Click the Reset Password button


You should now have the ability to open QuickBooks and login in your employer record the usage of the brand new password you just set. The QuickBooks Password Reset.exe record can not be used once more without finishing the verification shape once more. To reset the password on another QuickBooks employer record, you have to go back to the hyperlink in step 1 and whole the manner once more.

In case you are still unable to change the QuickBooks password , then you should get touch with our QuickBooks technical support team by dialing our toll free number or  live QuickBooks chat with our QB technical support team 24×7.